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Enhance Efficiency Through Time Tracking Software

December 25, 2010 by drewloupsen  
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What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking is a method that will allow for the accounting of time allocated to projects and tasks, similarly the effort which the staff puts in for customers. This may quickly strengthen effectiveness through better project management via the productive utilization of personnel’s time.

Greater Efficiencies

Time tracking software automates recording of time spent on jobs and makes it much simpler for you and your staff to complete them on time. It increases effectiveness by eliminating time spent manually completing time sheets and enables managers an overview of exactly where time has been spent as well as on which tasks.

Specified Priorities

Time tracking software helps people, managers and organizations to set goals for tasks and cases they’re concentrating on. It aids the sharing of data at the correct moment as well as enables managers to track project progress even when employees are off-site or absent.

Exact Time Documenting

Most of all, the most effective time tracking software records time spent on a project accurately. Its automated recording of time spent on computer based activities will lessen the possibility of recording error. Moreover, it will likewise record time expended each time a job is carried out.
Another highlight is versatility since managers are able to start and stop timers when the activity is not computer-based thus, jobs such as project conferences and telephone discussions about the project can be precisely recorded.

Visible Reporting

Accurate and easily available statistics enable precise and efficient billing of clients. Your division will steer clear of under and over billing and professionals are able to concentrate on adding value to their customers, instead of filling in countless timesheets. Head of the Accountancy department of a large public sector council said:

” The exellent Time Recording software enables us to really improve our internal client service levels and cross-charging”

Additionally, time recording software readable reports allow managers to evaluate exactly where time is expended. These details can be utilized for training uses, project evaluation and organizing potential projects. You could now effortlessly identify how to achieve efficiency and productivity swiftly for the advantage of your business. Recruitment provider:

It helps us track our work, and see trends developing. Before we had the Time Tracking Software, we had 22 separate Excel spreadsheets to track work! Not only was this time-consuming, it was also inaccurate, because it relied on people remembering to manually enter information. But with Iken, we can see trends developing – for example, how much time we are devoting to work for each of the different client departments. It also gives the Director of Legal Services visibility of what is going on.

Who uses the best Time Tracking Software?

The best time trackingsoftware programs are utilized by legal departments and firms, local government and emergency services, and project managers in the IT as well as production industries. It can be combined with other software from the manufacturer for example programme management software, matter management software and case management software.

Unique Time Recording Software

The most effective maker of time recording software will assist you to personalize and tailor-fit your software to meet your organisational specifications. Coaching is available at your property and it is again personalized to your company’s needs

Servicing and Enhancements

Reliable companies of time tracking software see to it that their merchandise is retained and serviced by a highly qualified time tracking software team to make certain your investment is worth every dime you spent.


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