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Burst Pipes Can Cause Flooding Or Drought – One Of The Most Difficult Things Can Be Dealing With Your Flood Insurance Claim

January 13, 2011 by drewloupsen  
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After one of the coldest Decembers on record, more freezing conditions have been forecast for January 2011. This is bound to increase the incidence of burst mains-fed pipes in both your business and your home. The pipes in business premises are often susceptible to freezing as they may be in unheated areas.

Flooding can not only ruin flooring and skirting, but also damage stock and necessitate a period of closure while the ensuing mess is cleaned up. Pipes in your home most often burst in the loft when they are not lagged. This results in damaged ceilings and décor on walls. An emergency plumber should be called out as soon as a burst pipe is discovered. You might think that the next thing to do would be to contact your insurance company to start processing your insurance claim, but it’s often not as easy as that.

Whenever there is freezing weather, insurers lose large sums, only part of which has to do with burst pipes. Insurance assesors, such as Truman Associates, can make the whole process of claiming faster, easier and more profitable for you. As insurance claims management experts, they will trawl through the small print of your insurance policy and ensure you claim for absolutely everything you are entitled to.

Truman Associates will use their years of experience in the industry to liaise with your insurer, expediting the processing of your claim, leaving you time to get your business or home back on its feet.

One of the primary advantages of using a firm like Truman Associates is that they are totally committed to helping you realise the maximum obtainable amount from your burst pipe or flood insurance claim in the shortest possible time. Timeliness of settlement will be important where there is not money to spend in advance to get a business up and running Your insurers loss adjuster will not help you fill in your claim forms or advise you on everything you can claim for.

Loss adjusters work directly for the insurance company and are under pressure to reduce claims as far as they can.

Having your own insurance loss assessor will ameliorate the final outcome of your claim as they are professionals dedicated to you. If you have a burst pipe at your business premises or at home, contact Truman Associates to ensure you get an insurance settlement that properly reflects the costs incurred.

Truman Associates loss assessors will make sure you get the settlement you deserve.


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